CS Detektyw

Why is worth to trust us?

WWe employ staff with extensive experience in this businness, and in particular former special forces officers. Our employees are characterized by reliability commitment, professionalism, speed of operation and guarantee the complete secrecy.

CS Detektyw

In the field of detective are on the market since 1998 (license number 572) . Our office is located in Sulejówek. Over the years our activities we have solved many complicated issues for both individuals and companies. We accept orders in civil and criminal matters.

With each run operations we prepare a written report , along with audio and video recordings . Materials collected in the course of our operations may be used by the contractor in the civil and criminal courts . We also advise on the security business , helping to recover the assets of both individuals and business entities.

We treat each case individually with full professionalism and commitment. Our priority is getting the complete information for the customer and take immediate action , after signing the contract with the customer. The rate in obtaining accurate and complete information is one of our strengths in the market for detective.

We help clients both in obtaining evidences in the case as well as legal assistance in further proceedings. For many years,we have been working with a large law firm.

We take orders from Poland and Europe.

Familly matters

  • • divorces
  • • disclosure of income sources
  • • searching of heirs
  • • biological research
  • • determination the place of work


  • • persons and property
  • • Missing persons
  • • hiding persons
  • • stolen and lost propety

Economic jobs

  • • verifying the reliability of companies
  • • espionage
  • • vindiciaton
  • • make unwritetaping checks

References and certificates presented upon client request.
Financial terms of cooperation with our companyare always determined individually. The scope of each of our service is adapted to your needs. The commission other charges is dependent on the shape and scope of the services which you are interested.


Within a few years of our work we secured:


Maryla Rodowicz
Golec u Orkiestra
Anita Lipnicka & John Porter

Bussiness party

Radio ZET

Security of VIP

Leszek Możdżer
Lars Danielsson (Szwecja)
Zahar Fresco (Izrael)
Antony (USA)

One of the many major events that logistically we secured was, "MISS WORLD 2006", which took place in Poland in September 2006 and the final of the event, which was a mass event, and was held in August at the Palace of Culture of live transmission to many countries. In addition to VIP protection and the events we secured the estates company pending the outcome of court proceedings.

mail: biuro@csdetektyw.pl
Office Sulejówek

mobile: +48 605 320 018


mobile: +48 605 320 018

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